5 party games ideas that will enhance the evening

Jeux de soirée

Jeux de soirée

Party games ideas

This article will reveal 5 fun party games ideas for your special nights.

Clothes pins

For this fun little game, you will need clothes pins. Each participant has one that he will have to put on his clothe, clearly visible. The goal is to recover as much as possible by asking questions. Players will have to answer either yes or no. Indeed, if an unfortunate person pronounces “yes” or “no”, he will have to give his clothe pin to the person who made him say the forbidden word. You can adapt the activity by offering something to the winner, by determining a period of time to retrieve pins, and so on.

The famous stars who make people think

This party game idea is perfect for dinner while the guests sit around the table. Indeed, it is an icebreaker game when nobody knows each other. Nothing is necessary for this very simple activity. Sit in a circle, comfortably. Select as you like the one who will start the game. The objective is to name the name of a known person. The person sitting to your left should quickly find a celebrity name whose last name begins with the first letter of the last name of the person mentioned above. For example, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, 5 Laches and so on. If a person mentions a first name and a name beginning with the same letter (Marchel Montano or Martin Matt, for example), the meaning in which the game is played changes. So rather than going to the left, the rotation is to the right. A participant is eliminated if it takes too much time to find a known name. Obviously, the celebrities already mentioned can not be repeated.


This activity does not require any hardware. Players who wish to participate form a round. They determine a person who goes to the center of the circle to be the leader of the game. This person must turn around, his eyes open, quietly. At one point, he decides to aim a person with her hand that forms a gun while expressing herself “pow! “. The target person must lean as quickly as possible and the two individuals at his side must look at each other by pointing their hand in a pistol and shouting “pow! “. If the person who had to bend did not bend quickly enough before the shots of his neighbors, it is he who is eliminated. However, if it has been fast enough, the person who has to sit in elimination is the one who fired his opponent the quickest according to the person in the center. Indeed, our neighbors left and right end up being further and further away from us. It is for this reason that we must remain attentive. When two opponents remain, they will go back to back. At the first “walk” signal given by the individual who was in the center of the circle, the last two players will advance. When the playmaker says “pow!”, the two players will be facing each other and will have to be the fastest to say “pow!’ while pointing the opponent with the pistol hand. The winner will be determined by the leader of the game.

Little paper balls

For this activity, you will need paper and pencils. Each participant inscribes on a piece of paper the name of a place, a person, a verb, whatever. Once the individuals have finished writing something on their piece of paper, they form a small paper ball and place it in a container, a bag or other object that can accommodate the little paper balls. It is interesting to write words difficult to guess!? Indeed, the objective of this game is to make other participants guess what is written on the piece of paper. Question that there is more challenge, each person has 1 minute to guess a maximum of paper. The first round, you have to guess by saying words. The second round, making mimes only. At each turn, you put the paper balls back in the container.


This party game idea is a mix of musical chair and treasure hunt. Like the music chair, you put chairs back to back, chair by player. Each participant starts sitting on a chair. The leader of the game, rather than starting a song, makes a request for items. For example “I wish to have a spoon … now! “. When the “now” is expressed, each player gets up and hastens to get the mentioned object and come back to sit down. Meanwhile, the leader removes a chair. The last person who can no longer sit down is eliminated. The activity continues and so on until only one person remains.

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