Animations Doumica is an event company located in Montreal.

As an event company, we have the role to help you create the atmosphere that you are looking for when it comes to organise an event! In fact, we have a team of professional and passionate artists who have experiences in entertainment for all kinds of events. In our team, we have to amazing event planners. One comes from the artistic and marketing backgrounds and the other is from the communications and public relations community. By using our services, you will have the peace of mind to focus on important decisions and enjoy great moments during the event.

The team of Animations Doumica have participated in several TV shows such as:

  • ”Sur invitation seulement” hosted by Stéphane Rousseau on TVA
  • ‘’Le Parcours’’ hosted by Chantal Lacroix on the channel Mlle
  •  ‘’ Salut Bonjour’’ on TVA
  •  Special show about the national holiday on Radio Canada TV
  •  ‘’ Je marie mes parents’’ on Canal Vie.
  • Our event production has also been selected to do the advertising campaign for the festival ‘’ Le Week-ends du monde.’’ At the parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal and for the restaurant ‘’Le Milsa’’

Our event management offer event services such as: event design and coordination, show and theme evening turnkey, event animation, DJ, host, hostesses in thematic costumes (micro-animation at the cocktail party) party accessories, event coordinator, costume rental, event staff and more!

An unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time.

The sets, our costumes, our music, the creation and artistic direction, the interactivity with the guests. We offer entertainment that stands out from the others.Your guests will have a great view during the meal and the dance floor will be on fire! It is not uncommon to hear the guests doing Whoooo, ahhh while performing our services. Your guests will remember your event for a long time and speak to their surroundings as they will have enjoyed their time. Your guests will be delighted with the evening you have given them.

Our mission: Make your event a succes.

Our goal: Building long lasting relationships with our customers.

Notre force: Our creativity.

About us
Fournisseur événementiel

Why us?

Serving you is our passion! We are a real creator of atmosphere and we have the art of entertaining you. The addition of two event planners allows us to create an exclusive atmosphere for your next event. We can make your event stand out. We have a professional and passionate team. Our imagination is endless. Our creativity has been at your service for the last 10 years. TV productions trust us so why not you?

The Doumica Animations team can create the atmosphere you are looking for! In addition to having a team of professional and passionate artists who have experience in entertainment for events of all kinds, we also have our team of two event planners: one is from the artistic and marketing community and the other in communications and public relations. By using our services you will have the freedom to concentrate on important decisions and and enjoy pleasant moments during the event.

What sets us apart: original themed shows, experienced dancers and majestic costumes. We offer quality entertainment. The dynamism of our dancers. Our desire to satisfy you and make our performance the WoW of your evening.

The creative strength of the group lies in the strengths of each of our dancers, their stage experience and their varied style. Which means that you can see us one evening in Jazz performance and the next day in Afro tribal dance performance.

Animations Doumica has been a show and animation provider since 2002, and we are collaborating on the success of more than 75 successful events through out the year. You could see us at a wedding, on television, a company party, a festival, a fashion show, a private party, a family celebration.

We offer the following services:

  • Event design and coordination
  • Shows and thematics evening
  • Event animator with event animation
  • DJ and host
  • Hostesses in themed costume (micro animation at the cocktail party)
  • Party accessories
  • Event Coordinator
  • Costume rental
  • Event staff

Ideal four: 

Congress, theme party, baptism, communion, private party, birthday, Christmas corporate party, employee’s BBQ, awards ceremony, wedding party, gala, cultural and sporting event, corporate anniversary, festival, parade, gala, family celebration, golf tournament, etc.

About us

Dominique Mathieu, CEO

Dominique is a Montrealer who describes herself as an urban woman, dynamic , passionate and curious. She is a young wolf! She is a woman of projects who loves challenges. From an early age, Dominique has a high craze for art. Following a theater course given during an extracurricular activity, Dominique discovered her passion for the performing arts. Around the age of 14, she began working on film sets: Are you affraid of the Dark, Detect inc, Time bomb are just a few of the productions she has participated in. In parallel and in order to refine her art she decides to enroll in several formations of theater and play in front of the camera. It is through the theater and the performancein front of the camera that Dominique discovers the artistic network.

She also accumulated credits and became a member of the Union des Artistes. In 2002, she participated in an international tour in the French West Indies as part of a theater project. The team is then invited to the studios of Réseau France Outremer to make an extract of their performance and to educate and sensitize the youth.

On the film set for the Quebec  Montréa film, while a scene is shot in a bar, she must dance and pretend that the party is in full swing. Being in friendship with the team of dancers who compliment her on her sense of rhythm and her movements she then seriously considers to perfect herself in dance. She met with a renowned Brazilian dance teacher and that help her perfect her style, technique and demeanor.

She participated in several shows including accompanying singer, musical reviews, tributes shows and many performances of Brazilian dances at festivals. She participates in a photo session for the Air Canada Magazine, Montreal High Light Festival, My Music Box musical, Les Soirées Habillées at the Theater of Olympia and the musical magazine called Tropicallissima. She began working as a freelance dancer at the Montreal casino during monthly events, as well as at the Bar Mitzvah event, and continues to pursue dance training: Jazz, Latin dance and Brazilian dance.

After several years of representation, seeing the enthusiasm and potential for success of thematic shows, she decided to founded  Animations Doumica in February 2008. Thanks to her team, she creates several thematic shows, whose clientele reaction  is very good. She creates partnerships with other suppliers and offers  themed evenings. As the demand becomes ever greater and as a result of observing what could be improved she is  now offering evening planning from A to Z.

Dominique is constantly on the lookout for new trends and a real desire to satisfy its customers and offer them the best in order to stand out and build lasting relationships. Dominique has the attention to detail. For Dominique the creation is a leak in the imaginary and space time.