Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment:

Congratulations, you said yes to the big request!

For your wedding reception, give your guests the best wedding entertainment there is. We can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. From planning to wedding entertainment and animation, everything is there for the party you want. We have been working in the wedding reception for 10 years. We can help you plan A to Z the big day and make sure that you and your guests have fun as children at the reception. Two event planner to serve you one specializes in wedding and event management and the other design, creativity and entertainment. Do not wait any longer and contact us to find out about our different packages. Whether for complete planning or wedding animation, your reception will not go unnoticed and your guests will be delighted with the party you offer them.

Wedding planner

Wedding Planner

We do the research, we plan, we organize, we decorate and coordinate your wedding day to reduce your stress and you can fully enjoy your day. With our wedding planning skills we guarantee the creation of a magical environment!

Wedding Dancer

Do you want to surprise your guests and impress them? Our dancers for professional wedding events can lift the mood of your evening with a magnificent wedding show. We offer several thematic and performance shows to add a festive atmosphere with dance troupes for weddings.

wedding dancer
wedding choreographer
Wedding dance choreographer

Your first wedding dance will be well thought out during dance classes for marriage and a custom choreography. We provide you with a professional wedding choreographer and a dance studio.

Wedding DJ

Our wedding DJs will gradually raise the mood for your evening during dinner until the dance floor opens. Our wedding entertainment DJs offer games, guest entertainment and lively music for everyone. A whole panoply is at your disposal: wedding DJ in Laurentides, Haitian wedding DJ in Montreal, Caribbean wedding DJ, African wedding DJ … Everything is there for the party you want!

wedding DJ
Wedding Staff

Wedding Staff

Hostess and staff for wedding Hostess for marriage… for a most impressive welcome! Whether it is to welcome your guests, set up the festive atmosphere or support the theme of your wedding, we offer you qualified and professional wedding staff. Our costumes are also available for rental.