Tribal Dancer


Tribal dancer:

 Need a theme dance performance? Are you organizing an event and want to offer a surprise to your guests or do you want to add entertainment between meal services to enhance the atmosphere? Why not choose a theme dance performance to support the theme of your evening? We offer dance performances for breathtaking events! Experience a wild and festive performance with our tribal dancers coming straight out of the Amazonian forest. The tribe moves about to the sound of percussions. The Afro-Brazilian style is a group carnival dance characterized by simple, but very dynamic routines. Performed with percussion and drums, you will love this festive style’s energy. A unique exotic performance straight out of the jungle!!!

 A unique performance staiht out of the jungle!!!

Tribal dance:

Directly out of the Amazon rainforest our Tribal dancers will make you live a festive and wild experience. On music based on percussion, the Tribe moves to the rhythm of wild dances. Performed on rhythms of drums and percussion, this festive dance will seduce you with its energy. An exotic atmosphere straight out of the jungle !!! a dance performance for events such as: corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, multi-purpose shows that adapt to any occasion.

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To issue a reservation for dancers, please indicate the location of the event, the number of people present, the date of the event and the approximate time at which you want the show. The dancers will need a dressing room or a closed room in order to change and prepare for the tribal dance performance. Provide bottles of water because it is a dynamic performance.