Red carpet theme party, VIP night

Red Carpet theme party

At the entrance of your evening, the red carpet will be unrolled and the paparazzi will be at the rendez-vous. Your guests will be transformed to feature the space for an evening. You will be delighted by the welcome of our ambulatory characters (Elvis and Marilyn). To start the evening you will attend a five-star performance like the MGM Grand Las Vegas Showgirls. Between each service, you will witness an actor performance played by your guests and dance numbers related to their performance. As for an Oscar award in Hollywood, the dessert will follow a trophy award. These winners will have been chosen by the public. A videodance on a giant screen will close this evening.

Glamorous ambience and dress.

This thematic evening includes:

  • Decorating on the theme Red Carpet – award ceremony
  • Hostesses and ambulatory characters
  • Journalist / reporter for red carpet interwiew, winner and capture of the evening.
  • Centerpieces
  • DJ and evening host and entertainer
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Big screen
  • Dance shows service between price and meal service.

Ideal for gala evening, awards ceremony, christmas party, etc.

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