Event MC (host)

First of all, whether it is to host a gala, a congress, a wedding or an office party, our master of ceremony service will entertain your guests and set the mood for your evening. True communicator and creator of atmosphere we can make games during the meal service. Our event leader can talk about your products or make the various presentations during your event. On the one hand, it keeps the public in suspense. It should be noted that our evening entertainers are professionals who have undergone animation training for events. Such as, radio animation, journalism and event animation. In order to prepare the course of your evening and the entertainment, the event host will contact you to find out exactly what is going on.

Wedding Host ( Master of ceremony)

We offer wedding services at affordable prices. First, the event host will make a telephone appointment with you in order to spend in detail your wedding day and to plan the various events. Here are some examples of wedding presentations and entertainment.

  • Announcement of the end of the cocktail party and the entrance to the guest room
  • Presentation of the procession and entry into the room of the newlyweds
  • Presentation of the master of ceremony and welcome to the guests
  • Toast to the newlyweds
  • Presentation for speeches
  • Games during dinner to set the mood (several games available)
  • Announcement of the newlyweds’ dance with their parent
  • Garter and bouquet games And any other announcement during the evening.

Trust the master of ceremonies and contact us for a quote.

Our event host  will entertain you

Dominique Mathieu Animatrice